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Reading for pleasure is not only fun . . .

. . . it’s also the most inexpensive form of entertainment and . . .  it’s good for your health.

Let’s discuss the economic value first.

At an average reading speed, a one hundred thousand word book will take a reader between twenty to forty-five hours to read. A book costing $10 therefore only costs 10 to twenty cents an hour for your entertainment. And you can read it again and again, or turn a family member or friend onto it.

By the way, right now, The Lens and the Looker is being sold for 99 cents, so that’s a two to four pennies an hour.

As well as reading being economical, reading offers so much more. Here’s a quick list;

-where watching movies or television is a passive entertainment, reading necessitates the reader participate, so it engages your imagination.  This is very important, especially for children.

-reading strengthens the vocabulary, and improves spelling and grammar. We can all benefit from that.

-it’s a fact that people who read for pleasure know more about the world than people who just ingest visual media. (don’t get me wrong, I also go to the movies two and three times a month, but it’s a totally different art form.)

-apparently reading good literature develops a sharper ability to understand the people you encounter in your daily life. I think that’s because well-written, three dimensional characters, placed in believable life situations, even in fantasy or speculative fiction, shows readers the inner working of interesting characters’ minds.

-studies have shown that immersing yourself in a good book is the most effective way to overcome stress, better than listening to music, having a cup of tea or even taking a walk. (this doesn’t mean don’t exercise. I actually can’t be a productive writer unless I go to the gym five times a week.)

-reading before bed is a great way to forget the cares of the day, and it helps you sleep soundly.

So, keep healthy and read a good book.

Can you think of other benefits to reading?  Let me know.

By the way, (here comes the shameless self-promotion) there’s a whole new spate of reader reviews for The Lens and the Looker on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can check out by clicking on the link below.

Cheers and happy reading,


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**What Reviewers are saying about** ******THE VERONA TRILOGY*******

 I asked my friend, Joanne, what she thought would make a good blog for my books, and she suggested I do a short assortment of extended quotes from reviews, to really let potential readers know what others thought.

“Your books are fun to read, even the intense and emotional scenes.” JoJo said. “But lately your blogs have been so serious.”

Okay, okay. I’ll try to lighten up. Here’s an assortment of excerpts from reviews for each book.


The Lens and the Looker, Book #1 of The Verona Trilogy

“I was beyond impressed with The Lens and the Looker. Kaufman did a wonderful job setting up the world of his story and creating dynamic characters. His writing really made the book what it is. Kaufman puts you in the story with ease through the language he uses . . . My favorite thing about this novel was probably how well Kaufman managed to integrate all the minute parts of his story. There really was something for everyone (adventure, suspense, romance…) without any one aspect taking over . . . Mr. Kaufman is a Master Writer. He created a lovely cast of characters that just felt so… human.”  – Geek on the Brink Reviews

“Lory Kaufman did such a wonderful job with this novel and I really recommend this to anyone who is even remotely interested in history, time travel, post-dystopian or just a really good book! I am excited for the next in this series!” –Flapjacket Reviews.


The Bronze and the Brimstone, Book #2

“As far as sequels go, The Bronze and the Brimstone was a solid ‘A’ . . . It was complex, thrilling, educational, with a cast of characters that just continues to grow on the reader until the very end.”  -Octopus Ink, Book Reviews

As much as I enjoyed the last novel, I think that this one was even better . . . I was on the edge of my seat for most of the novel. I loved how well it flowed and how many twists and turns there were . . .  Kaufman is truly amazing at developing his characters into real people . . . I got so caught up in The Bronze and the Brimstone that I stayed up past midnight to finish it, even though I had to get up early the next day . . . The book certainly did not end how I expected – which is a good thing.  Rating: 10  – Geek on the Brink Reviews

“As a history buff, I really enjoyed the particular attention to detail the author demonstrated in the historical facts in this novel.  I loved reading about the daily life of the people of Verona and its outskirts, the palace life, how things were dealt with by the Podesta, and it certainly gives you an insight into why the nobles did some of the things they did or made some of the decisions they made.” – Curling up by the Fire Reviews


The Loved and the Lost, Book #3

“The story got even better with this book . . . I don’t think I can say there was a dull moment . . . Without a doubt, this book was the best of the series . . . You really should give this series a chance. I don’t believe you’ll regret it for a second.” –Lizzie Writes Book Reviews

“I love the concept of time travel, and the way Kaufman portrays it in this particular series is interesting and thought provoking. The society he has set up is magnificent and the glimpse of the past that he shows us through the eyes of the three teens is wonderfully educational. I love the thought of the History Camps themselves and wish that we had things like that around now for all of the ‘hard cases’ there seem to be these days.”
“This series is full of plot twists and turns and surprises and disappointments. It’s full of on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense and hope and frustration in spades. If you come away from this series without having felt like it was one of the most wonderful things you’ve read… you should go back and read it again. It was a perfect end to a story I wish could have gone on forever.”      –Shh. Not While I’m Reading Book Reviews



The Verona Trilogy.



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