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“The Verona Trilogy” readers want to know more about the 24th century

I’ve received comments from many readers who’ve enjoyed The Verona Trilogy, but some have asked to see more of what’s happening in my version of the 24th century. Here’s an email I received from one fan and my response.

Message from Madeline to Lory Kaufman at the History Camp website:

Hi! I loved your first book, The Lens and the Looker, and can’t wait to read the rest. I just want to suggest a topic for a different book or series. I would love to learn more about your version of 24th century earth, so could you maybe write something that goes more in-depth as to how humans live then?

Here’s my reply:

Hello Madeline

Thank you so much for your email.

Regarding your suggestion of showing more of the 24th century in another book, that is what happens in the third book of The Verona Trilogy, The Loved and the Lost. I would say a good third of the book takes place in the future. LOVED will be available early Fall, 2012.

After The Verona Trilogy, I have other History Camp adventures planned, (hopefully many) so over time you will get a good glimpse of how I see the future. I will look forward to readers feedback about that.

As well, since I had to build a 24th century world to base my History Camp stories on, I decided to include some of what I’m calling the BACK STORY on my History Camp website. This is where I explain how and why I constructed the future the way I did. (CLICK TAB ABOVE)

Interested readers may find that when they read or re-read my stories, this may give them some extra insight into the lives of the characters, although it is not imperative they do so to enjoy the adventure. It’s like reading about a city and some of its history before you go visit it on vacation. It improves the experience. And isn’t reading truly an enriching vacation?

The other thing I would like readers to appreciate about the series is it’s just not a series for teens. When we first meet our protagonists, they are young and immature, so a reader could be forgiven if they thought the series is written specifically for teens. Nothing could be further from the truth. My aim is to write books that are accessible to readers from 13 to 113.

Stay tuned and thanks again for your email.

Good reading,
Lory Kaufman

  • August 1st, 2012