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The first entry in what will be an ongoing diary.

The trials and tribulations of starting a new time-travel novel.

17 November, 2013 (#1)

I’ll try to write a 100 or so words as a warm up, before getting to work.

Dear diary. I’m finally working daily on what is now being called, Between Two Rivers, the first working title having been The Olive Tree, and follow up to The Verona Trilogy. While the first trilogy took place in 14th century Verona, Italy and a near-Utopian 24th century, Two Rivers focuses in on youths from the future traveling back to ancient Mesopotamia in the 24th century BCE. (Before the Common Era)

Since I’ve been playing with it for several years, there are lots of fragments and research to organize. Hundreds and hundreds of pages. Most of it I don’t even remember writing, so sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by what I read (it’s like someone else wrote it) and sometimes the fragment is so odd I can’t fathom having thought it had value. I do know, however, that getting all the drek out is an important part of the process, so it’s not a waste of time. Also, sometimes these odd fragments end up as stepping stones for the thinking process, and I am reminded of my personal mission for writing. That is, I write to find out what I’m thinking.

Okay. On with the day’s writing.


  • November 17th, 2013
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