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The Lens and the Looker
The Bronze and the Brimstone
The Loved and the Lost

The LOVED and the LOST is now available


The Verona Trilogy is now complete.

And there are new book cover designs too.

“For those readers who have already hopped from book one of The Verona Trilogy (The Lens and the Looker) to book two (The Bronze and Brimstone) and have been asking anxiously when they’d be able to find out how the series finishes, I’m pleased to announce your wait has almost ended,” says author Lory Kaufman.

The Loved and the Lost, the final book, is now completed, and will be available this coming February 5th. I’m really excited about how the trilogy came out,” Lory goes on to say. “First, I’m so pleased that people of all ages are enjoying it. I’ve received good comments from teens, young adults, and about half the readers are adults. And I was really thrilled to see was how people jumped right from LENS to BRONZE, and many people sent emails asking when the last book of the trilogy was coming out.”

Lou Aronica, the publisher and well-known editor to so many science fiction greats over the years, says he’s not surprised by this. “Lory’s books are very fast reads. His prose is clean and accessible. That’s not to say that the stories, characters and concepts within the novels are simple. Underneath the surface are layers of social and philosophical ideas, which is true in so much good science fiction. Still, you’re going to get more action and drama in one of his books than you will in three of most novels.”

So much work went into the world-building for the series that the author decided to share some of it with his readers. At the end of this last novel, The Loved and the Lost, there is a bonus section appropriately called BACK STORY, giving readers an insight into what a writer has to create in his mind before he can write a speculative fiction story. It’s expected that after people read this, they might be tempted to read the whole series again, and will see even more layers to the story than before.

As well, after page 85 of The Lens and the Looker, our 24th-century protagonists spend most of the first two books in 14th-century Verona. Lory has been highly praised by readers for the way he wove what was obviously a massive amount of research on this era so effortlessly into the story.

“But still I saw a lot of comments from readers saying they wanted to know more about my 24th-century,” Lory added. “My answer is, The Loved in the Lost spends about a third of the novel in the future and there’s a lot of description of it. Hopefully this will satisfy.

As well, the characters, Hansum, Shamira and Lincoln, really keep maturing, and all three fall in . . . nope. I can’t say any more. That would be considered a spoiler.”



  • October 13th, 2012