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The Lens and the Looker
The Bronze and the Brimstone
The Loved and the Lost

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Reviews of The Lens and the Looker

    • I was beyond impressed… REVIEW
    • Kaufman did such a wonderful job… REVIEW
    • He made me want to meet the Lens Maker… REVIEW
    • Recommend this book to all ages… REVIEW


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Reviews of The Bronze and the Brimstone

    • Complex, thrilling, educational… REVIEW
    • This one was even stronger… REVIEW
    • I love when books make me cry… REVIEW
    • Kaufman hit the mark with this one… REVIEW
    • Amazed by the extensive research… REVIEW
    • A wonderful mythology… REVIEW
    • Full of fascinating characters… REVIEW
    • Has something to offer everyone…REVIEW

Reviews for The Loved and the Lost

“The story got even better with this book.”

…A story I wish could have gone on forever. REVIEW

“I read this book twice in less than a week . . .” REVIEW


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