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The Lens and the Looker
The Bronze and the Brimstone
The Loved and the Lost

History Camp series will give ongoing glimpses of the future from one book to the next.

   History Camp is planned as an ongoing series of stories where young people from the 24th century go back in time and have dangerous and exciting adventures. This is to help them learn to appreciate the almost utopian 24th century world they come from, until something goes horribly wrong.

     Because it is a series, I made the conscious decision not to go into great detail about the 24th century in every story. I figure there will be time for that in subsequent books and, hopefully, the reader will learn a little more as they revisit their ‘friends’ for the first stories. Now, over the years I was writing the first History Camp drafts, I wrote long descriptions of this future world and its technologies. They were developed from my personal studies and interests in futurism, speculative and science fiction, as well as the environmental movement. During the editorial process I had to strike a balance between storytelling and including too much research and “facts”, which would more properly belong in a polemic.  In writing classes they call that “preaching”, a big no-no. So I decided to take my time about exposing the future world and spend the majority of pages on the characters adventures in the past.

     Then, when The Lens and the Looker was going to print, and we were designing the History Camp website, an idea came to mind. I could use the wonderful, new technology of the website to communicate with readers who really were anxious to know more about the History Camp back story.  

For example, you may want to know;

  • Why are there only three hundred million people on Earth in my 24th century world? (less than five percent of today’s population)
  • Why does the community of New York, (one of the biggest cities on the planet in 2347) have only thirty thousand people in it, and why isn’t it on Manhattan Island anymore?
  • Why is the planet’s average size community sixty people?
  • What is a steady-state economy?
  • And why does every human on the planet have a person A.I. (artificial intelligence) from birth, etc . . .

. . . you can go to the Back Story link on my website and read about these questions and more. I look forward to hearing from readers about anything you wish to speak on about these topics or my stories. But most of all, I hope you enjoy my first book in the History Camp series, The Lens and the Looker.

Oh, by the way, due to a computer input error at the distributors, the E-versions of The Lens and the Looker started being shipped March 1st. You can order it now. The trade paperback editions will start being shipped March 16th.



  • December 29th, 2010